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Yılmaden Holding Inc.

Yılmaden Holding Inc.

We Discover the Unseen Values of the World

We Discover the Unseen Values of the World

Yılmaden Holding, established in 2014, is the metals and mining division of Yıldırım Group of Companies, a fast-growing industrial conglomerate based in Istanbul, Turkey. At Yılmaden, we work together across all business units located in 9 different countries with one objective that is extracting the valuable minerals such as chromite from the ground and turn it into ferroalloys, chrome metals and chemicals.

Chrome is the only element in the periodic table, which provides the corrosion resistance to steel and converts steel to stainless steel. Stainless steel is directly related to modern life and it is a sign of advance development.

We are passionate about exploration, which is the lifeblood of mining. Moreover, we are experts in underground or open pit mining, experienced in all kinds of mineral processing for enrichment of the ore and specialized in mechanical and metallurgical furnace control for ferrochrome production. In commodity market, Yılmaden commercial department is known as the market maker and mover and hold chairmanships in several international commodity associations.

Mining is often done in remote locations that have sensitive and beautiful environments and on land shared by the local and/or indigenous peoples. We work in a way that delivers real lasting benefits for the company as well as for the communities at large.


For Yılmaden, sustainability means extracting mineral reaches efficiently with minimal impact on environment while having good relations with communities near our operations. It means taking care of our people by putting the natural resources at the center of our operations. That is why sustainability is a core value —it is fundamental to everything we do.

Our Work Culture

Not only our employees but also, as the employer, we revise our Human Resources processes according to new conditions.

Our innovative and entrepreneurial mindset our high energy and our can-do attitude really appeals the talents in this profile. Our work culture and the new management style enable our employees to express themselves better and as a result enable us retain our team for many years.

We provide international job opportunities to students or newly graduated talents and enable them to receive coaching / mentoring from experts through our R&D Center and subsidiaries located in seven different countries.

On the other hand, we provide professionals with the opportunity to become a part of a valuable team of experts, to participate the practices in different geographies, to deepen their knowledge and to gain international experience.

Our hidden success factor in turning international acquisitions into a success story, is to rely on local people and employ them. Our respect for differences and our cross-border management abilities that we have developed over the years through many investments in different geographies, enable us to create remarkable success stories.

Where We Operate

We are currently comprised in 9 countries: Turkey, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Russia, USA, Columbia, Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia. Together, these subsidiaries make us the 4th major player in the global chromium industry as well as the only company to produce chrome ore and high quality high carbon ferrochrome in 4 different countries, in order to hedge risks for its long-term customers around the world.

With the extensive experience accumulated over the years, we have designed custom logistics networks that put our customers at the hearth of our supply chain operations. We can confidently claim that we provide best in class Just-in-Time delivery with our several ports and 19 warehouses located all over the world.

We believe qualified human potential is the key to our success. Accordingly, we aim to procure and recruit talent & expertise that is resonant with our three values: Passion for Excellence, Entrepreneurship & "Can do"​ attitude. In addition to encouraging multi-country careers and leadership development, we employ local key people and give priority to working with local merchants and using their services. We embrace a dynamic and honest business approach to use our knowledge and skill for the advancement of human welfare.

Eti Krom Mining Operations

The world’s largest hard lumpy marketable chrome ore producer, Eti Krom Inc. was founded as a state enterprise in Elazig, Turkey in 1936. Since 1976, Eti Krom has been the only high carbon ferrochrome producer in Turkey.

YILDIRIM Group acquired the company via privatization in 2004, and modernized 4 arc furnaces to meet the growing demand of high quality high carbon ferrochrome. Eti Krom is the only supplier in Turkey that can extract chrome ore all year round, even during harsh winters.

Eti Krom has over 130 million tons of mineral reserves and 22 mining licenses throughout the country, with an annual capacity to produce 1 million tons of chrome ore. The company is able to produce metallurgical (hard lumpy and concentrate) and refractory (hard lumpy and friable) ore types. Eti Krom exports the high-grade chrome ore extracted in various parts of Turkey in a hard lumpy and concentrate form.

Eti Krom’s fully integrated ferrochrome plant is able to utilize the high-grade chrome ore extracted from its own mines to produce 165,000 tons of high quality high carbon ferrochrome each year, with a slag recovery rate of 15,000 tons per year in line with the “zero waste” philosophy.

Eti Krom Alloy

YILDIRIM’s first ferroalloys investment came with FeCr production at Eti Krom in Turkey. Established as a state-owned chrome ore mining enterprise in 1936, Eti Krom has been active in HC FeCr production since 1976. Following YILDIRIM’s acquisition of the company in September 2004, the idle furnaces were revamped and the plant was modernized to meet the growing demand for high quality HC FeCr.

With 4 arc furnaces (2 open type and 2 semi-closed type), Eti Krom’s fully integrated ferrochrome plant is able to utilize the high-grade chrome ore extracted from its own mines. The plant’s high quality HC FeCr production ranks it among the leading manufacturers in the world.

Thanks to its wide variety of raw material supply, Eti Krom is able to deliver tailor-made products for special applications.

Talent Mining Management Trainee Program

Start your career in Talent Mining Management Trainee Program and get a chance to work in a multi-cultural environment with international career opportunities with our experts in their field. You’ll get a chance to work in cross-functional teams with other business functions.

The aim is to develop talented graduates with great experience and turn them into our future leaders.

We offer you a real and great program to take responsibility, develop yourself and help us for our exploration journey.

Discover your talent and Unseen Values of the World!

Who Can Apply For The Program?

Passionate About Exploration

Interested in Metals & Mining Industry

4th grade, fresh graduate or master’s students

Eager to learn in a global and multi-cultural environment

Have excellent verbal and written communication skills

Fluent in English

Willing to live in Elazig

Application & Recruitment Process


Video Interview

Online Assessment Process

Online General Aptitude Test

Online English Test

Online Interview

Job Offer

Day 1

How We Have Fun?

Our Traditional Carnival In Full Swing!

April 23 Children’s Day Festival - YILDIRIM Foundation

Where Is Our Headquarters?

Our HQ Locates In Maslak, Istanbul and We Are At YILDIRIM TOWER

Yılmaden's "Smart Mining" Applications

Smart mining technologies can significantly transform mine economics. In line with this transformation, Yılmaden mining technologies have evolved recently. For example, we have implemented sub-level stoping method and mechanized mining for the first time in chromium mining in Turkey. Even though it is not the cutting-edge technology, it is the first implementation in chromium, in Turkey. We deliberately give this example to show this new mining technique has almost doubled our production capacity which has reached to 1 million ton per year with less allocated human resource while the cost of mining has decreased significantly.

The beneficiation stage of the ore is of utmost importance in most of the mining operations where the run-of-mine or is not directly marketable. Since, together with mining cost, enriching the row material to a marketable quality with the optimum cost and efficiency has the main role on the feasibility of projects. Therefore, the controlling of the plant variables and adjusting the operational parameters in a fast and sensitive way is very crucial. More than decades, the plants are designed and simulated by the help of unique software programs that utilize scientific and empirical mathematical models some of which are based on experimental data. Optimization of the process is much simpler during the operation with these tools as the actual operational results can be easily used as input to check many different scenarios. With the improving technology, these plants have been equipped with automated systems and sensor technologies that enable engineers to monitor some specifications of the flow streams such as flow rate, density, pH, etc. Recently, online XRF analyzers have been employed in many mineral processing plants to monitor the efficiency and recovery of the units and quality of the product, and take necessary actions in a very short time. New trend with the establishment of Industry 4.0 is to connect machinery and equipment, and automatically adjust them by the help of a continuous feedback given by the processor to achieve the targeted result, that is called machine learning. Yılmaden is planning to modernize one of its chromite processing plant in Eti Krom AŞ, Turkey with this approach.

Combining all these topics under one roof, leads us to one definition “Smart Mining”. It is smart, because smart systems, as ours, by definition can learn and use information provided. We set it as our new motto “Smart Mining” which combines and connects AI technology, mechanized mining, IT systems and new development projects.